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Last weekend was the California Gift Show. I think it’s rotten timing, since I have to sew the entire spring line right after the holidays, but we used all existing styles this year and half of it was already at least partly sewn.

This is what the booth looked like (clickie for the big version):

Loredana Designs - Spring 2010 Booth - California Gift Show

Loredana Designs - Spring 2010 Booth - California Gift Show

The show was moderately successful so I still have a job =) Which I must get to, as we got a gigantic order that I have 3 weeks to complete =P Wish me speed!

…a year later.

So it’s time for another round of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and I’ve been pondering taking up blogging again. Ok, *trying* to blog again =P Last year I managed a dozen posts in 6 weeks, which isn’t horrid, and it doesn’t seem too big of a task to at least do as well as that this year.

It’s been an “interesting” year, very eventful, with some parts that REALLY sucked and some that were lovely and lots of in between. Something I’ve learned is that it’s hard for me to get my thoughts out on paper/screen especially now that most of my thoughts are not fit for polite company, or at least for public consumption. I used to work very hard to keep all the bits of my life at least somewhat synced up, but now a glance at my Facebook friends list shows that there are parts of my life now that really don’t need to (or, rather, should NOT) be knowing about the other parts. I have always had thoughts that weren’t particularly P.C. or were hard to talk about, but I never felt a huge urge to censor them, and could manage to express them with only minor discomfort caused to others. Nowadays I find I’ve become completely socially awkward when discussing anything meaningful in my life; it feels all discordant and sometimes downright unacceptable. It’s also the first time since my mid-twenties that I find myself with no outlet for discussing all this discordance – with nobody to talk to but myself. I suppose that’s when one turns to journalling, but that has always been a raging emo-fest in the past that I don’t care to revisit, and, honestly, I feel a need to *converse* about this stuff, not to merely go over it again and again with myself. I’m thinking that blogging will give me enough of a public eye to stop my musings from getting too maudlin and perhaps will feel conversation-y with the universe enough to satisfy this need. I do know that I have journeyed down a dark path into my own head for too long and that I’m finding it harder and harder to pull myself out of it. Perhaps I need to be publicly awkward and discordant and unacceptable for a while to find my way back into some lightness and better that it comes out in a post on my blog than in the middle of a dinner party, right?

Halp! I’ve been tagged!

Curses on earthmoon for tagging me on LJ but I have been needing a kick in the butt to get me back into writing, so I suppose I shall forgive her. Continue Reading »


oh, what a lazy, lazy day this will be… Continue Reading »

I seem to finally be recovering from last week’s bout with the flu. ‘Twas not fun. Not wretched, but not fun. Fever, aches, infected tonsils like I haven’t had since childhood, blah. Continue Reading »

rainy day…

Been quiet lately. The pestilence has hit me and PMS is setting in so I’m avoiding people as much as possible to ensure I don’t rip anyone’s head off =) It’s finally rainy (I’ve been waiting for it for a month!) and a good day for staying in and being quiet.

Thanksgiving tomorrow… I’m hugely grateful for so much this year. The boys and I will be having dinner with my parents and sister. Hopefully my insanely picky eaters will eat enough.

Hopefully my head will be clearer by tomorrow.

Have a lovely day of being grateful.


It was a rather uneventful weekend. I had the boys yesterday and they played nicely while I sewed (though, come to think of it, their lack of fighting *is* a rather news-worthy event!). Continue Reading »

fuzzy brain…

I don’t know if I’m coming down with something or it’s just my allergies to pollen, dust, whatnot that always flare up in the fall, but my brain is filled with fluff today. Continue Reading »

irritating pestilence…

So it turns out that the whiny elf was sick =P Continue Reading »

an early lunch…

Since momma-duty started promptly at the bum-crack ‘o dawn this morning (although I ignored the whinings of a certain darling elven little boy for about an hour before dragging my bum out of bed), I needed an early lunch to even things out. Continue Reading »

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